Isabella Gouts

Isabella Gouts

Investment Associate

Isabella serves clients as an investment associate with expertise in international taxation, estate planning, and wealth transfer for Tripletail Wealth Management. Originally from Brazil, she has a law degree. She joined the Brazilian Attorney’s Order in 2010, practicing asset tax planning and corporate law for eight years before moving to the United States permanently. She was awarded a merit scholarship by The Lemman Foundation and finished her Master of Laws and Economics in Switzerland.  In the United States, she has worked in Finance, initially focusing on Private Equity, moving shortly after to Private Wealth Management & Banking. She brings over fifteen years of international law, asset tax planning, and finance/banking experience. Isabella has a unique professional background and approaches clients intentionally and personally, bringing care and support to the specific client's needs along the way.

Isabella speaks English, Portuguese, and Spanish; she and her husband, Kenny, live in Winter Garden, FL, with their little daughter, Florence.


FDSBC, Law Degree. Brazil

Insper, LL.M in Corporate Law, Brazil

University of Saint Gallen, LL.M semester in Law and Economics, Switzerland


OAB, Brazilian Attorney’s License 303.501